Great book. I'm ordering copies for some freshmen in college who served as high school leaders for our Confirmation program. - Mary Pott
I have just ordered this book for my daughters who are attending university in Florida. After watching Mr. Martin on EWTN several times, I am moved and impressed by his faith in Christ and his commitment to bringing the Gospel to our youth. Thank you! - Laura Lover
"'Made for More' has helped provide a foundation for my faith that I never had in my upbringing. It's helped solidify my knowledge as to who Jesus is and has cleared any misconceptions that I've had of the foundation of the faith." - Wendy, SDSU Senior
Made for More is an awesome tool for further learning the basics of my Catholic faith and a real starting block to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ. One quote from the book that really spoke to me was, "It is possible to follow Christ with great faithfulness even if you do not know all that he taught." This brings me encouragement when thinking about my role at as student leader at Temple and my call to share my faith, even though I'm still learning how to be a real Catholic witness to others! - Katie, Junior at Temple University
"Made For More" is exactly what a college student who is struggling with their faith needs. It leaves readers with no other choice but to understand Jesus Christ as Savior. It truly shows students that they were not made for any ordinary life but made as children of God to live in His extraordinary love. - Ben Getz, Bradley University
I haven't read the book, But I want to buy it. I am impressed with Curtis Martin after seeing him on Crossing the Goal. - Amanda Golightley
I thought this book was extremely helpful for gaining a simple and clear understanding of complex parts of the faith. As a teacher, the content has already been helpful for explaining answers to student questions in effective ways. After reading it myself, I gave it to a former student who is now a freshman in High School. He already read it and loved it and has since passed it along to a friend. I plan to give copies to more middle school/high school age students - never too early to "discover true purpose and self-potential." Thanks for writing this book, Mr. Martin :) - Gina Pignotti
I love that this book is out there for the world to read the truth of Jesus Christ! - anne powell
I loved the facts that were displayed int he book that showed that Jesus is a real historical character and we can trust the scriptures and the Church! My favorite Chapter was the The King and His Kingdom. This gives me great hope to know that to touch the Church is to touch Christ, Himself! - Nathan Stanley
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Made for More in my tent at night - great book! - Tom M., NM (from Bhutan) - Tom McLaughlin