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       FOCUS announces Made for More by Curtis Martin

       Tens of thousands of books distributed on campuses across the nation this fall

Denver, CO – FOCUS announces the release of Made for More, the latest book by
Curtis Martin, founder and president of FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic 
University Students. Pre-released in early August for campus evangelization,
Made for More is geared at answering some of the biggest questions in life – 
"Why am I here?” and “Is there deeper meaning to life?”  

In the fall of 2008, nearly 200 FOCUS missionaries on 39 campuses launched 
outreach efforts to thousands of college students. They moved new students
into residence halls, hosted outreach events, started new Bible studies, and
as a new part of their evangelical efforts, FOCUS missionaries distributed 
more than 25, 000 copies of Made for More. Donations made to  FOCUS for the 
Made for More campaign  funded the fall evangelization efforts and will also
fund a spring 2009 outreach distributing an additional 15, 000 copies. 

Curtis Martin holds a Masters degree in Theology and is co-host of the ground-
breaking show Crossing the Goal  on EWTN. He is a co-author of Boys to Men: 
The Transforming Power of Virtue and Family Matters: A Scripture Study on 
Marriage and Family as well as a contributing author of Catholic for a Reason,
Vols. I,II, III and IV. He was awarded the inaugural Excellence in 
Evangelization award by Envoy magazine. In 2004  Curtis and his wife Michaelann
were awarded the Benemerenti Medal by Pope John Paul II for their outstanding
service to the Church. He serves as an  adjunct professor at the Augustine 
Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Raul Sevilla, a FOCUS Missionary at University of Maryland, College Park shared
this outreach story - “I was in the ‘First Look’ fair inviting people to check 
out Bible studies while handing out the book Made for More by Curtis. I notice
that this girl was looking at the table; I asked her if she wanted a book to 
read about who Jesus is, but she told me that she had already read it. 
Apparently she passed by our table on her way to class two weeks earlier, when 
we were raffling off an MP3 player, and received the book from one of our student
leaders. She told me that she loved the book and that she wanted to know how to 
be involved, so I asked her to sign up for Bible study, which she did. It’s 
amazing how many people might read this book and we might not ever find out the
impact that it might cause in them. I was inspired to see how this girl took her 
first step towards a personal relationship with Jesus.”

Katie Krempl, a Junior at Temple University, and a student leader in FOCUS, 
shared, “Made for More is an awesome tool for further learning the basics of my
Catholic faith and a real starting block to deepen my relationship with Jesus 
Christ. One quote from the book that really spoke to me was, "It is possible to
follow Christ with great faithfulness even if you do not  know all that he taught."
This brings me encouragement when thinking about my role at as student leader at 
Temple and my call to share my  faith, even though I'm still learning how to be 
a real Catholic witness to others!”
Aimed at the college student, but applicable to any person at any stage in life, 
Made for More is already a success, measured  by the students whose lives it is 
changing.  For more information about Made for More, visit

ABOUT FOCUS:  FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, answers John
Paul II’s call for a “new evangelization.” Rooted in this purpose, FOCUS staff 
are equipped to meet college students where they are and invite them to examine 
the meaning and purpose of their lives. Through large group outreaches, Bible 
studies and one on one mentoring, FOCUS introduces  college students to the
Person of Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith, empowering them to share His love
with the world.