Through small group Bible studies,  large  group leadership
              training,  and one - on - one discipleship,  FOCUS brings
              the  fullness of life and truth in the Catholic Church to 
              college  students,  and equips them with the tools to help
              them  share this good news with their friends.   FOCUS is
              working to play a  vital role in the “New Evangelization”  
              called for by Pope  John Paul II. 

              In 2008 - 2009, FOCUS missionaries serve on 39 campuses
              in 21 states,  with a plan to reach 100 campuses within
              the next six years.

              Whether he is on college campuses or television, at 
              conferences or working with corporate America,  Curtis
              is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to help his 
              audience discover a vision for life. Through humor,  
              stories and his own captivating life experiences,  
              Curtis allows people to see how faith in God is lived
              out in everyday life.  He equips people with the tools
              to discover the fullness of life and happiness beyond